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Frequently Asked Question's


What is the difference between hard anodized vs. infused anodized?
Anodizing is an electro-chemical process which the CALPHALON Corporation puts the aluminum pans through. Anodizing hardens the surface of the aluminum, making it 30% harder than stainless steel, and also builds an oxidized layer on the surface of the pan making it a smooth stick resistant surface, but are not a nonstick. This is the process along with another step in which Calphalon infuses a release polymer into the pores of the metal. This polymer makes the pans more stick resistant and stain resistant than the original hard anodized pans.
How do i clean my hard anodized Calphalon cookware?
After each use of your infused anodized Calphalon cookware, wash the surfaces in hot sudsy water using a nylon scouring pad. For those hard to clean jobs it is recommended to use a green Scotch Brite Pad and Bar Keeper's Friend cleanser. NOTE: It is recommended NOT to use a Scotch Brite on Nonstick interior surfaces, as well as, the Unison Cookware. If you are not exactly sure of what brand you have please visit Calphalon's  Use and Care page for additional information.
What can be done about the small silvery marks on the exterior of my anodized cookware?
If there are small scratches on your anodized surface, try using a dry, green Scotch Brite pad, and rub in the same direction of the grain on a dry pan. Then wipe clean with a damp non abrasive cloth.
Why do hard anodized pans sometimes turn silver inside?
The silvering is called deanodizing; it is the reversal of the anodizing process. Repeat exposure to highly acidic foods (tomato sauce) can sometimes cause deanodizing. If you have always followed the manufacturer suggested care instructions, this should be covered under the Calphalon's warranty. You are more than welcome to send it back to Calphalon or send Calphalon a picture using there contact us link so they can determine whether your issue is in fact a manufacturer defect.
Can I restore the exterior back to it's original condition?
If inadvertently you place you Calphalon cookware in the dishwasher once or twice don't panic. you may be able to restore the anodized surface by taking a green Scotch Brite pad and rub in the same directions the grain on the pan. Then follow up by washing with Ajax or Comet and a Scotch Brite scrubbie pad.
What can void the warranty of my Calphalon cookware?
Calphalon will replace any item found defective in material or workmanship when put to normal household use and cared for according to the care and use instruction. Minor imperfections, surface markings as a result of shipping, and slight color variations are normal. This excludes damage from misuse or abuse, such as improper cleaning, neglect, accident, alteration, fire (includes camp fires), theft, or use in a commercial establishment. If you have a warranty claim please visit CALPHALON'S warranty claim.

May I return my cookware for a refund?You may return you cookware to us for a refund as long as it is the same condition as you received it. Please keep in mind that all return are subject to a 15% restocking fee for all undamaged merchandise(mistake orders, ordered wrong item.....etc). Please see our Terms & Conditions page for more information